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Netherlands GMA ADIBET1X2 3555 5.00 EUR
Denmark TXT ADIBET1X2 1999 150.00 DKK
Russia FOR ADIBET1X2 7733 300,00 RUB
Cyprus FOR ADIBET1X2 7500 4.04 EUR
Portugal TXT ADIBET1X2 68638 4.00 EUR
Lithuania TXT ADIBET1X2 1337 10.00 EUR
Spain TXT ADIBET1X2 37729 7.26 EUR
France DCB ADIBET1X2 1234567890 10.00 EUR
Macedonia FOR ADIBET1X2 145666 177.00 MKD
Albania TXT ADIBET1X2 54345 120.00 ALL
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Georgia TAP ADIBET1X2 93338 4.99 GEL
Kosovo TXT ADIBET1X2 55050 1.00 EURO
Serbia FOR ADIBET1X2 1310 960.00 RSD + 1 STANDARD SMS
Montenegro TXT ADIBET1X2 14884 3.05 EURO
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Bulgaria TXT ADIBET1X2 18433 6.00 BGN
Slovakia TXT ADIBET1X2 7774 1.60 EUR
Slovenia TXT10 ADIBET1X2 3838 10.00 EURO
B & H TXT ADIBET1X2 091910706 3.00 BAM + VAT (17%)
Czech TAT6 ADIBET1X2 90309 549.00 CZK
Poland TXT ADIBET1X2 92518 30.75 PLN
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Estonia TXT ADIBET1X2 13018 5.00 EUR
Belgium TXT ADIBET1X2 3315 4.00 EUR
SERBIA: Cena: 960,00 RSD sa PDV + 1 standart sms
Podrška: ADIBET1X2@Gmail.Com Mobilna Naplata:
CROATIA: Cijena: 40,00 KN
Podrška: ADIBET1X2@Gmail.Com | +385 1 638 8135 Mobilni placanja
Tehnicka podrška(davatelj usluge): Telekomunikacijske usluge d.o.o., Medimurska 28, 42000 Varaždin, MB: 070096612, OIB 12385860076. Tel: 042 500 871.

ATTENTION !!! Re-sale of tips is strictly prohibited for secure our source. Adi-Bet.Com offers customers tips on the latest sporting events. These tips are by no means guaranteed. Every bet is a gamble and you pose the risk of losing. If you feel that gambling is becoming a problem please contact us for some advice.

Adi-Bet INFO
What payment methods do you accept?
I accept Western union, MoneyGram, Ukash, Paysafecard or Moneybookers,.
How do I receive the tips? By sms text or email?
I send the tips only by email. I don't like to have delivery problems with all the phone carriers worldwide.
Do you have long term membership, 2 months, 3 months .etc?
Yes i have. I can give you better deals if you are interested in buying minimum 2 months of my tips. Contact me for better rates!
Can I request for free trial tips?
To ensure all my paying members are treated with respect, i do not provide any free trial tips under any circumstances. 99% of those who request for free trial tips do not have the intentions to purchase tips. So i rather take good care of those who appreciate my services!
Are your tips history genuine?
If you do not trust me, or do not think my tips history are genuine, please look for another tipster. No amount of explanation will satisfy your curiosity. Make the final decision yourself!

All matches what you can see in our web site is only predictions analized from our team. All our game you can play is on your own liability. Adi-Bet.Com does not assume any responsibility for it.

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